Who We Are

We are a representative organization for ‘quiet recreationists’ (non-motorized) in Alberta who bring a principled, informed and coherent voice to land-use and recreation management processes. We speak to the need to provide excellent recreation opportunities and amenities for quiet recreation in Alberta in support of health, social, environmental and economic values. The term ‘quiet recreation’ encompasses outdoor recreation activities that use human muscle or domesticated animal power for recreation activities. • Quiet recreation is the way Albertans connect with their natural heritage, and nurtures all aspects of human health. • Quiet recreation is enjoyed by the vast majority of Albertans and by the thousands of visitors who come each year to enjoy our iconic mountain landscapes. • Quiet recreation activities take place outdoors where nature is a dynamic and essential element of the experience, and stewardship and ecologically sustainable management of recreation is a core ethic.

Our Vision

Albertans and all levels of government in Alberta recognize the social, health, economic, and environment appreciation contributions made by quiet outdoor recreationists, and support them accordingly.

Our Mission

ORCA promotes community, understanding and stewardship amongst quiet outdoor recreationists, identifies common interests, and represents and advocates for those interests.

The Quiet Outdoor Recreation Community

ORCA is currently seeking more individuals and groups to add to our membership list. We welcome members who subscribe to our vision, mission and values of the organization, and who want to ensure that quiet outdoor recreation is considered in land-use and recreation management planning in proportion to the population of people (in Alberta and visitors) who enjoy these kinds of recreation experiences.

Interim Board Members

  • Chair:  Al Black
  • Director: Alf Skrastins
  • Director:  Connie Simmons.
  • Director: David Wasserman