Dear Outdoor Recreation Coalition of Alberta members,

The Bighorn Country proposal public input period has been extended to February 15, 2019.
To date, the Government of Alberta has NOT heard from enough individual non-motorized recreation users – people who comprise the vast majority of recreationists in Alberta.

The Bighorn Country proposal includes 4 parks and 4 recreation areas in a stunningly beautiful area of Alberta – west of Nordegg bordering Banff and Jasper National Parks.
See: The Bighorn will protect important wildland and recreation values for the future if properly managed for wildland conservation and outdoor recreation.

ORCA was formed to provide a voice for non-motorized (quiet) recreation users in Alberta and has approved of the Bighorn Country proposal, but we now need your help. Individuals need to speak up for quiet recreation use in the Bighorn to ensure proportional representation of active outdoor (quiet) recreation uses of public lands in Alberta.

NOW IS THE TIME TO SPEAK UP! Please share this with your group members, and individuals you think may want to provide input on the Bighorn Country proposal.

WHAT CAN YOU DO? One of these three things:

  1. Fill out the Government of Alberta survey here: (Scroll halfway down the page for the link Online Survey )
    In the survey – you have a choice to provide input to each individual park/rec area– or simply take the one overarching Bighorn survey – this one takes about 5 minutes of your time.
  2. If you do not have time to do the survey, send an email to Premier Rachel Notley and/or Minister Shannon Philips (Alberta Environment and Parks) at these addresses: and/or See the attached letter template (below) that ORCA has provided – please feel free to copy/paste to your email, and revise to fit your own expectations of the Bighorn Country proposal – then send!


Bighorn Country For Quiet Outdoor Recreation

Dear Minister Shannon Phillips, (

As an outdoor recreationist in Alberta – I support the proposal for Alberta’s Bighorn Country. 

As a member of the Outdoor Recreation Coalition of Alberta (ORCA) and a non-motorized recreationist, I support recreation management that recognizes ‘quiet recreation’ (non-motorized) use in the Bighorn that will help to meet the needs of the vast majority of recreation users in Alberta.  

I am pleased to see that hiking, horse-back riding, cycling, climbing, paddling, naturalist pursuits, backcountry skiing and camping (among all other quiet recreation activities) are all included in the Bighorn Country proposal.

I also support that improved management for recreation will recognize the need to protect our source water areas and important fish and wildlife habitat, while providing great recreation opportunities for Albertans. 

Thank you,


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