May 11, 2017



Albertans and all levels of government in Alberta recognize the social, health, economic, and environment-appreciation contributions made by outdoor recreationists and support them accordingly.


ORCA intends to serve as an advocacy group for outdoor recreationists who are interested in influencing government policy, as it relates to the outdoors community.

In order to be effective, ORCA believes that the following practices shall be followed:

  • Evidence-based dialogue is ultimately more helpful than passion-based hyperbole
  • Collaborative approaches are more effective than positional ones.
  • Promoting collaboration over confrontation.
  • Applying consistent, evidence-based pressure on politicians and policy-makers.


  • To serve as an advocate for the various outdoor recreation groups, at the highest levels of government,┬áto ensure their continued enjoyment of the outdoors in a sustainable fashion
  • To serve as a stakeholder representative for the outdoor community, whenever public consultation, or request for comment, is identified for items that impact public lands and the outdoor groups that rely upon these lands