May 8, 2017

Our Community

The Outdoor Recreation Coalition of Alberta (ORCA) believes that all forms of outdoor recreation bring tremendous social and economic value to Alberta and Albertans. These activities need to be responsibly managed and supported by all levels of government. Achieving this requires informed and collaborative input from every type of activity.

The outdoor recreational activities ORCA represents include a broad range of activities that range from urban to the backcountry. Many of these activities are most commonly enjoyed by individuals, families and small groups in an unstructured manner. This does not naturally encourage the development of strong organizational structures. As a result, it is often difficult to obtain input from most outdoor recreation families and communities on issues that impact them.

Since ORCA was created, a broad coalition of organizations and individuals have come together under a single umbrella with a common goals and ethics. This means establishing a membership which is broadly representative of all aspects of outdoor quiet recreation in the province: hiking, climbing, biking, kayaking, canoing, orienteering, fishing, hunting, et al.