Response to Livingstone – Porcupine Hills Footprint and Recreation Planning by Alberta Environment and Parks

Outdoor Recreation Coalition of Alberta

April 30, 2018

Alberta Environment and Parks
Planning Branch
8660 Bearspaw Dam Road
Calgary, Alberta
T3L 1S4

Re: Porcupine-Livingstone Plan

To whom it may concern,

The members of the Outdoor Recreation Coalition of Alberta (ORCA) would like to take this opportunity during the consultation phase for the draft Land Footprint Management Plan (LFMP) and Recreation Management Plan (RMP) for the Livingstone – Porcupine region to show our appreciation to your department on developing a set of plans that address many of the ecological and recreational conflict issues in a region that has been long over-used by multiple stakeholders.

In particular, we are pleased to see thresholds for motorized trail density and spatial human footprint specified in the LFMP and motorized trails designated in the RMP. We encourage your department to set development density thresholds and designate motorized trails for all of Alberta’s public lands.
1. We do not support the proposed “motorized hunter trail” in the north Porcupines, as it will provide additional motorized access in an area that already has a designated trail nearby.
2. The area within the Livingstone Recreation Management Unit should be reserved for quiet recreation, as there is already intensive motorized use designated further south in the Crowsnest Recreation Management Unit.
3. The high country west of the Atlas Road should be kept non-motorized, so as to benefit hikers using the Great Divide Trail, alpinists and others seeking quiet recreation in these settings.
4. There is a clear need for continued research and assessment on the impacts of noise from motorized recreation on non-motorized recreation areas, specifically in regards to user experience and wildlife. This research should be accounted for within the plans, so as to provide validation that the plans are having the desired impacts.

The designation of several Rustic Camping Zones is welcomed, as the damage that is caused on Alberta’s public lands from motorized random camping is noticeable, and serves as a deterrent to those who wish to enjoy these lands. We also recognize that these Rustic Camping Zones will receive high traffic volumes, and it is beneficial to have appropriate facilities to handle refuse and sewage.
Thank you for your continued effort to protect and improve Alberta’s public lands. Implementing the LFMP and RMP will help safeguard the iconic beauty and opportunity for adventure in the Livingstone – Porcupine Hills for future generations.


The board of Outdoor Recreation Coalition of Alberta



Link to letter: ORCA to AEP re Porcupine Livingstone Plan

Reference: Alberta Environment and Parks Consultation – Livingstone – Porcupine Hills

Maps of Interest from: Draft Livingstone – Porcupine Hills Recreation Management Plan – Pages 46 to 48

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