ORCA Board Recruitment

ORCA is in the process of establishing a elected board of directors from the membership. We need directors who are energetic, committed, articulate, and actively engaged in some aspect of quiet recreation. Ideally, directors will bring broader relationships in the outdoor recreation community and have some experience interacting with government officials or ministers, though the latter is not essential. As long as we have some folks who have this experience, we should be more than able to be fully effective. Geographical diversification is also a key objective.

We believe we have an excellent nucleus of directors who are willing to stand for election, and would serve the community at a high level, but we are at best half-way there.

In light of all this, we have decided to defer the Annual General Meeting until February 2018, among other things to shore up our membership and to come up with a process for electing directors. But for the moment, anyone who is willing to put up her or his hand is welcome indeed. Needless to say, if we do not have substantive membership by that time, we will conclude that the idea of an umbrella advocate for the quiet recreation community does not have general support, but that it was well worth a try.


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